Tag: knight


  • Sir Elad

    Sir Elad (Glory 4,189): The Marshall of the county of [[Salisbury]] Elad is the castellan of [[Vagon]] as well. Vassal of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]]

  • Sir Hywel

    Sir Hywel (Glory 2,457): The banneret of [[West Lav- ington]], he holds many manors which he inherited from his father; he has only a young daughter. Since his wife died at her birth and he refuses to remarry, his daughter will inherit …

  • Sir Amig

    Sir Amig of [[Tilshead]] (Glory 3,234): An older man, scarred and with a noticeable limp, Sir Amig is a veteran of many battles. He was just granted castellanship over [[Tils- head]], built to defend the county against the witches and monsters …