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  • Robert

    Young Robert: The infant son and heir of the Earl of Salisbury was born last year. He is the pride of the household and is always surrounded by fawning handmaids. Son of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]] and [[Ellen Countess of Salisbury]]

  • Earl Roderick of Salisbury

    Earl Roderick (Glory 8,840): The Earl of Salisbury, Roderick is a warrior famed for his prowess, having fought under King Uther against the Saxons to the east. He is noted for his deadly feud with Sir Blains, the Steward of Levcomagus, for …

  • Sir Elad

    Sir Elad (Glory 4,189): The Marshall of the county of [[Salisbury]] Elad is the castellan of [[Vagon]] as well. Vassal of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]]

  • Sir Hywel

    Sir Hywel (Glory 2,457): The banneret of [[West Lav- ington]], he holds many manors which he inherited from his father; he has only a young daughter. Since his wife died at her birth and he refuses to remarry, his daughter will inherit …

  • Lady Adwen

    Lady Adwen (Glory 740): The beautiful young (but marriageable) daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle. Her holding would make her husband a banneret and a rich knight. Holdings: 2 demesne manors, 4 enfeoffed manors.

  • Lady Elaine

    Lady Elaine (Glory 258; APP 18): Elaine is a beauti- ful woman whose first husband was killed by her base-born lover a few years ago, and who was subsequently hanged for killing a knight. Holdings: 4 demesne manors.

  • Lady Gwiona

    Lady Gwiona (Glory 856; APP 16): Gwiona is the second handmaiden of Countess Ellen. She is the heiress of two manors. Her last four suitors all were killed in war shortly after proposing to her, but the priest says she is not really unlucky. …

  • Lady Indeg

    Lady Indeg (Glory 2,140; APP 12): A 40-year-old woman, the richest heiress of the county, holding 3 manors in her own right. She has been widowed twice, so she can choose her own husband this time. However, she is lonely and might like a dashing …

  • Bishop Roger

    Bishop Roger: The Bishop of Salisbury is both wealthy and worldly, in a religious sort of way. His wealth comes from the holdings of the church, including the church holdings of Amesbury and those around Sarum and Warm- inster, and …

  • Father Tewi

    Father Tewi: The priest of Salisbury Castle, Tewi is personal confessor to the earl and his wife, as well as the general religious overseer of the castle and its people. He is not particularly wealthy, but is well maintained by the earl.

  • Progress of Salisbury

    A “progress” is the route that a noble takes to check on his properties and to move his rather large household to where the food is. The Earl spends most of his year at Sarum, the natural collection point for excess goods. His …

  • Salisbury Army

    THE EARL’S ARMY Given here is the usual distribution of the 50 knights and 100 footsoldiers of the earl’s personal armed force. Note several interesting features: • The earl’s entourage always has at least 12 knights, including the earl himself. …

  • Sarum

    THE CITY OF SARUM Sarum is your home base, sitting upon a steep, wind swept mound amidst the rolling Salisbury Plain. Educate Latin-speaking persons call this city Sorbiodunum. Its o Cymric name is Caer Caradduc. Sarum was first settled …

  • Salisbury Castle

    Salisbury Castle, also called Sarum, is a modern (i.e., in the Arthurian era) stone castle. It sits upon a great motte in the center of the city, and is the main seat for your lord, the Earl of Salisbury. Curtain walls 8 feet thick and 20 feet …

  • Warminster

    This is a fortified city, which serves as the local market for the farms of the upper [[Wylye River]]. It is surrounded by the [[Modron Forest]], and defends the country from incur- sions from [[Somerset]]. It is two days’ ride from [[Sarum]]. …

  • Modron Forest

    MODRON’S FOREST This dense forest which lies to the west of the county is named after an ancient goddess of the Britons. It is rumored to be inhabited by many wicked faeries and beasts.

  • Amesbury

    Aurelius Ambrosius established this monastery, which is still supported by royal funds. It is a double-abbey, having facilities for both men and women. Although this is within the county, it is actually a fief of the Church and contrib- utes no …

  • Ebble Castle

    This is an old motte-and-bailey castle made mostly of wood, but still serviceable in defense. It is the most south- ern settlement of the county.

  • Avon River

    This river is one of several of the same name in Brit- ain. It is the main drainage of the Salisbury Plain, and con- tinues to flow southward through the [[Camelot]] Forest and [[Dorset]] to the British Sea. It is navigable by coastal ships that …

  • Mildenhall

    This unwalled city is the local market for the farms along the Kennet River, and is held by the castellan from [[Marlborough]].

  • Marlborough

    This is a fine castle. It is built atop a large ancient mound, believed by many to be the burial mound of an ancient wizard. It is about two days’ leisurely ride from Sa- rum.

  • Savernake Forest

    This border forest is within either or both of the lands of the Earl of Salisbury and the Baron of [[Marlborough]], and has been the cause of considerable dispute between those lords. No faeries have been reported here, though [[Ellen Countess of …

  • Upavon

    This is a large, unwalled town that serves as the local market for farmers of the Upper [[Avon River]]. It is about one day’s ride from Sarum. This town has been promised as the dowry of Earl Roderick’s daughter [[Lady Jenna of Salisbury|Jenna]].

  • Salisbury Plain

    The Salisbury Plain is a gently undulating plain whose rivers are populated by many villages of farmers. It has also held many ancient bronze- and early iron-age settlements, mostly long abandoned but occasionally resettled, as at [[Sarum]]. Only …

  • Ock River

    This is the main river that flows through White Horse Vale. Its farmers visit [[Uffingham]] for their local market. It is a tributary of the [[Thames River]].

  • Stonehenge

    This monumental structure was built by giants in an- cient times and dedicated to the sun, stars, and ancestors. In consists of five concentric rings and horseshoes of stand- ing stones and a few outlying stones, all surrounded by a mounded ditch …

  • Tisbury

    Tisbury is in the Nadder Valley twelve miles west of Salisbury It is the source of quality light grey Portland stone which is in demand for large buildings such as manors, abbeys and catherals. There is also a demand for 'starred agates', a local semi …