Tag: Eligible Ladies


  • Lady Adwen

    Lady Adwen (Glory 740): The beautiful young (but marriageable) daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle. Her holding would make her husband a banneret and a rich knight. Holdings: 2 demesne manors, 4 enfeoffed manors.

  • Lady Elaine

    Lady Elaine (Glory 258; APP 18): Elaine is a beauti- ful woman whose first husband was killed by her base-born lover a few years ago, and who was subsequently hanged for killing a knight. Holdings: 4 demesne manors.

  • Lady Gwiona

    Lady Gwiona (Glory 856; APP 16): Gwiona is the second handmaiden of Countess Ellen. She is the heiress of two manors. Her last four suitors all were killed in war shortly after proposing to her, but the priest says she is not really unlucky. …