It is the year 485

Years of fighting the Saxons have taken their toll on the Kingdom of Logres. King Uther has ordered that all Squires who are ready be knighted at once and prepare to defend their homeland against the invaders.

Your lord, Roderick of Salisbury, has summoned you to Sarum to receive this honour. You follow in the footsteps of three generations before you. Upon your shoulders will rest the defence of your family’s name, your people’s safety and your Lord’s honour.

The Campaign You will be playing knights of the region of Salisbury. As the campaign will go through several generations, you may decide later to create characters from other backgrounds but the campaign will mostly be set in that area and will assume your lord is the Earl of Salisbury.

There are many different interpretations of the Arthur myth. I am starting with an approach that is strongly influenced by the film Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone books by T. H. White and some of the romanticism of Gawaine and the Green Knight or Tennyson’s poetry. The tone will change somewhat as the campaign goes through different periods. The Uther period is more gritty and realpolitick than the high Arthurian one, for example. There is less enchantment and more blood and mud.

If you have ideas, scenarios or character backgrounds, I would love to incorporate them (possibly for bonus glory)

The Rules I’m using Pendragon 5th edition but most of the rules are identical to other editions. We can homebrew any rules people have problems with but it usually works pretty well. I don’t take a doctrinal approach to rules so by all means remind me of the correct rule but when in doubt I’ll keep the scene moving and fix it next time.

Just to remind you that Pendragon combat is savage and healing is slow. You are expected to be brave and honourable but not stupid. You will also have a backup character who will ride in as your squire drags your unconscious form home to the Chirgeon.

Pendragon - the whole damn dynasty

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