Tag: Uther Period


  • Robert

    Young Robert: The infant son and heir of the Earl of Salisbury was born last year. He is the pride of the household and is always surrounded by fawning handmaids. Son of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]] and [[Ellen Countess of Salisbury]]

  • Earl Roderick of Salisbury

    Earl Roderick (Glory 8,840): The Earl of Salisbury, Roderick is a warrior famed for his prowess, having fought under King Uther against the Saxons to the east. He is noted for his deadly feud with Sir Blains, the Steward of Levcomagus, for …

  • Progress of Salisbury

    A “progress” is the route that a noble takes to check on his properties and to move his rather large household to where the food is. The Earl spends most of his year at Sarum, the natural collection point for excess goods. His …

  • Salisbury Army

    THE EARL’S ARMY Given here is the usual distribution of the 50 knights and 100 footsoldiers of the earl’s personal armed force. Note several interesting features: • The earl’s entourage always has at least 12 knights, including the earl himself. …