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  • Robert

    Young Robert: The infant son and heir of the Earl of Salisbury was born last year. He is the pride of the household and is always surrounded by fawning handmaids. Son of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]] and [[Ellen Countess of Salisbury]]

  • Earl Roderick of Salisbury

    Earl Roderick (Glory 8,840): The Earl of Salisbury, Roderick is a warrior famed for his prowess, having fought under King Uther against the Saxons to the east. He is noted for his deadly feud with Sir Blains, the Steward of Levcomagus, for …

  • Sir Elad

    Sir Elad (Glory 4,189): The Marshall of the county of [[Salisbury]] Elad is the castellan of [[Vagon]] as well. Vassal of [[Earl Roderick of Salisbury]]

  • Sir Hywel

    Sir Hywel (Glory 2,457): The banneret of [[West Lav- ington]], he holds many manors which he inherited from his father; he has only a young daughter. Since his wife died at her birth and he refuses to remarry, his daughter will inherit …

  • Sir Amig

    Sir Amig of [[Tilshead]] (Glory 3,234): An older man, scarred and with a noticeable limp, Sir Amig is a veteran of many battles. He was just granted castellanship over [[Tils- head]], built to defend the county against the witches and monsters …

  • Lady Adwen

    Lady Adwen (Glory 740): The beautiful young (but marriageable) daughter of Sir Bles, who was killed in battle. Her holding would make her husband a banneret and a rich knight. Holdings: 2 demesne manors, 4 enfeoffed manors.

  • Lady Elaine

    Lady Elaine (Glory 258; APP 18): Elaine is a beauti- ful woman whose first husband was killed by her base-born lover a few years ago, and who was subsequently hanged for killing a knight. Holdings: 4 demesne manors.

  • Lady Gwiona

    Lady Gwiona (Glory 856; APP 16): Gwiona is the second handmaiden of Countess Ellen. She is the heiress of two manors. Her last four suitors all were killed in war shortly after proposing to her, but the priest says she is not really unlucky. …

  • Lady Indeg

    Lady Indeg (Glory 2,140; APP 12): A 40-year-old woman, the richest heiress of the county, holding 3 manors in her own right. She has been widowed twice, so she can choose her own husband this time. However, she is lonely and might like a dashing …

  • Bishop Roger

    Bishop Roger: The Bishop of Salisbury is both wealthy and worldly, in a religious sort of way. His wealth comes from the holdings of the church, including the church holdings of Amesbury and those around Sarum and Warm- inster, and …

  • Father Tewi

    Father Tewi: The priest of Salisbury Castle, Tewi is personal confessor to the earl and his wife, as well as the general religious overseer of the castle and its people. He is not particularly wealthy, but is well maintained by the earl.

  • Uther

    Uther is the High King of Logres. He is known to be ambitious and a great fighter and leader, stern in his judg- ments. He came to the throne when his brother, [[Aurelius Ambrosius]], died. He has no wife, but several paramours, and an …

  • Merlin

    The great magician and Archdruid of Britain, Merlin is reputedly the son of a nun and a daemon. He was baptized at birth, before the daemon could seize his soul, yet retained the supernatural powers he obtained from his fathe He is the most skilled …

  • Lot

    Lot is the greatest king of the north and a rival to King Uther. He rules over a powerful confederation of kings who resist the rule of the Pendragon, and everyone knows that Lot himself covets the esteemed title of High King.

  • Nimue

    Lady Nimue is the Lady of the Lake, a powerful en- chantress and head of a sisterhood of powerful pagan priest- esses. Her home is beneath a magical lake which comes and goes at her call, and which may appear in almost any land.

  • Dubricus

    Dubricus is the Archbishop of Britain. He oversees the religious affairs of the island from his holy see in [[Carlion]], a Ro- man city in southern [[Cambria]]. He is a Roman Christian who uses his diplomatic skills to try to convince the many …