Pendragon - the whole damn dynasty

486: Sword Lake

After the stalemate at Mearcred Creek, the knight readied themselves to accompany Madoc and attack the Saxons at Colchester. Instead, Earl Roderick assigned them to a dull summer of patrolling the Western border of Salisbury.

Court Rumors and Intrigue - Uther is planning to be High King. He will need the support of the Supreme Collegium of Britain. - Refugees are flooding out of Colchester into Silbury and other lands - Uther is debating whether to aid Praetor Syagius of the Franks in taking Paris.

Events on Patrol The knights found the peasantry unsettled by the news of Saxon victories. They offered what reassurances they could but nothing seemed to calm the worried farmers. At the village of Dunny, farmers complained of a beast attacking their sheep. From its tracks, the knights identified it as a Panther and set off in pursuit. As they tried to sneak up on the beast, it surprised Althea, knocking her to the ground before the others killed it. After returning to tell the villagers that they were now safe, the knights headed to Warminster to have the hide turned into a fine rug for the Earl.

The Adventure of Sword Lake On the road to Warminster, the knights met an old, rather odorous goatherd who claimed to have worked for Earl Roderick in times past. He begged them to rescue his goat, Sheila which had wandered up a hill. It was a huge Billy-goat as big as a horse. When the knights went to get it they were attacked by a three eyed giant who Grieviously injured Sir Briant with a tree before they managed to kill it.

On seeing their heroic deed, the goatherd revealed himself to be Merlin, who healed Sir Briant and told them to follow him into the forest and protect him. Deep in the faerie forest, they fought a strange creature with the upper body of a man, the lower body of a horse and four arms. When they had killed it they saw Merlin out in the middle of the lake in a small boat with no oars. A lady’s arm stretched up out of the water with a sword which Merlin took reverantly.

The Knghts returned to Sarum and reported what they had seen and done. Earl Roderick was most impressed and ordered a fine feast.



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